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Eric Lunsford

About Fayette Academy of Martial Arts, Inc. in Fayetteville , GA

Meet Eric Lunsford

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Fayette Academy of Martial Arts, Inc. in Fayetteville
Black Belt

At Fayette Academy of Martial Arts, Inc. we like to say - Fitness Kickboxing : Real Punches, Real Kicks, Real Sweat & Real Fun!'s not all about Fitness Kickboxing around here. We combine traditional martial arts with modern day needs. Our Krav Maga class is not what you consider "traditional" - but it's a great workout with life-saving benefits.

Everything we do ties back to realistic self-defense you can count on if things go down in the street, meeting you where you're at to crush your fitness and training goals, while providing the best customer service possible.

So, why do we focus so much on Fitness Kickboxing? Because no matter what size you are, your educational background, or where you grew thing remains the same - Cardio is King. If you have to run away from a dangerous situation, we want to make sure your cardio conditioning is the best it can be.

Plus, some people are not competitive. If this is you, that's ok! Fitness Kickboxing gives you the perfect opportunity to practice self-defense moves without hitting bodies. We strike bags and absolutely blast through unwanted weight.

Strike, kick, punch and get your heart-pumping in our insane cardio sessions designed by elite martial artists to give you the most unique and effective experience available!

Beginners Welcome! No matter what your starting level is, you'll get an amazing workout.

  • Gain lean muscle.
  • Learn techniques to keep you and your family safe.
  • Develop laser-like focus.
  • Have a new fitness routine your friends will all be jealous about!

Beginners with no martial arts background and even top martial artists all train and learn in an environment that is mega fun and motivating. Super-fun striking, defending, and flexibility drills simply blow away traditional methods of working out.

Our Bare Bones Facility Simulates Real World Scenarios. We train everyday people, and absolutely love it! As our students learn efficient ways to protect their loved ones as well as themselves they come alive. We get to see the passion for life get reignited and it's just awesome to see.

Train with Professional Law Enforcement and Military Personnel! We have several law enforcement personnel who attend our classes. The fast-paced, ever changing curriculum is perfect to supplement regular CQC training. The variety of classes we offer are a highly effective training tool for personal defense, a superior boost to weight loss and fitness gains, or as a stand-alone martial art.

For more details on our unique ways to get fit, have the most fun you've EVER had working out, and learn life-saving skills be sure to visit our classes page! This is where you can find our super low web-special going on too! Wouldn't want you to miss out.

A personal story of perseverance and a love of martial arts is below from our owner and head instructor. Please feel free to read ahead so you can get a feel for the leadership Fayette Academy of Martial Arts, Inc.

Eric Lunsford, Black Belt Tang Soo Do/ Instructor Krav Maga/ Affiliate Instructor Kali, has been teaching for over 11 years. Here is his story:

"My personal journey started right here in Fayette County. It was a Friday night in October of 1982 and I was a freshman at Fayette County High School. I was an avid football fan and this was the first "high school" football game that my whole family got to attend.

It was just before halftime when a friend told me that a known troublemaker was going to be looking for me after the band got done with their halftime show and it wasn't so he could ask me how they did. This was the kid that punched the principal the previous year in middle school and I knew if he was willing to do that I sure didn't want to mess with him.

I instantly found my family and began copying my dad's moves so as not to draw attention to myself. Well, it didn't take my dad long to notice my awkward behavior and after much prodding I explained the problem to him. We promptly left the game and once we got home, unbeknownst to me, my dad started working the phone.

How my Dad saved my life...

On Saturday my dad and I drove to the ONLY martial arts school in Fayette County where I met the man who would soon become my first martial arts instructor. A student of Chuck Norris and his United Fighting Arts Federation, my instructor understood my dad's intentions. I didn't have to win my fight with the bully, I just had to survive the fight (not having ever been in a fight before this was good plan in my book).

Let's just say that over the next two days I learned very little about martial arts and a WHOLE lot about taking a punch. My instructor fitted me with a mouthpiece and strapped on some boxing gloves. Then he set me in a corner and told me to fight my way out. And for 2 solid hours on Saturday and two more on Sunday that's exactly what I tried to do. Fight my way out of that stupid corner.

Now, let me give you some perspective. In 1982 I stood about 5'6" and was your typical 97 pound weakling. My instructor on the other hand was 6'2", a third degree black belt in Chuck Norris' system and had at one time been a bouncer at a bar. Fighting my way out of that corner consisted of mostly me getting hit, a lot, and him trying not to catch a cold from the air flow my wild swings were generating. The one time I did 'almost' make it out of the corner he wrapped his arm around my chest and threw me back in to fight my way out some more.

I became Bully-Proof but wasn't looking for a fight!

Let me just tell you, come Monday at school I knew there was absolutely no way that kid was going to hit me as hard or as fast or as often as what I had just been thru. Still, I was hoping and praying that our paths wouldn't cross anytime soon.

Well, don't you just figure, during the middle of a mid-morning class, I had to walk across campus by myself while everyone else was in their seats. And right there in the middle of campus up walks the guy who was out to get me just three days before. I could feel my heart race and my breathing quicken as he got closer. Then, without waiting, he says "Hey man, I was just kidding."!!!

Talk about mixed emotions! At first I was relieved but then I thought about what I had been through over the weekend and I got to thinking 'kidding or not after what I have endured we are throwing down buddy'. Fortunately, I stayed smart and kept my mouth shut. But on Tuesday, I walked into my first 'official' martial arts class with excitement and wonder and some extra confidence gained from my weekend with the instructor.

I should actually thank that bully. I NEVER would have started training in martial arts if it hadn't been for that fateful Friday night football game. And can I tell you I wouldn't trade my experience in the martial arts for all the gold in Ft. Knox.

Before UFC, came our fighting style...

After 5 years of study I finally got my First Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and then moved away to college, following my karate school sweetheart. During my college years I had trouble finding a place to work out so I teamed up with the college to start the first Martial Arts Club. We were open to all styles but this was pre UFC so all we got were stand up arts. Still it was a great introduction to various other arts that were 'similar but different' to my own. Graduation saw me coming home with my new wife and unfortunately our old karate school had closed. I spent time training with a friend who got his black belt from my instructor before the school closed and we teased each other about opening our own school. Neither of us wanted to be the boss, but we both wanted to teach.

He soon developed inoperable brain cancer which took his life 2 years later. But it was this event that reminded me we are not promised tomorrow so if I were ever going to teach, I needed to start now.

I rented a room at a local big box gym and started teaching. I also began an intense study of what I was teaching and why. I began to question the techniques I was passing on and why I was passing them on in the order I did. I started looking at what other schools were teaching, how other styles performed the 'same' technique, and began looking for ways to improve myself and my techniques and by default my students.

How ONE question made me unstoppable!

It was at this time I started studying Kali, making frequent visits to Princeton NJ to train at a school there and was simultaneously introduced to Silat as well as Jun Fan. As I was still operating my school part time, I also started making use of business trips by finding schools in the states I was being sent to and spending my nights training with different instructors and in different arts.

I studied Muay Thai, Hapkido, and Kickboxing. I began making more time for training with other instructors around Georgia as well, also attending seminars to get an even broader feel for various martial arts. My studies also included Tai Chi, Kenpo, Isshin Ryu, CDT, and World War II Combatives.

It was around 5 years ago when I heard an instructor say "Can your newest student on day one take what you have taught them and put it into practice at the gas station on the way home from your school?"

This question changed me. I already did a yearly review of my techniques. Eliminating some, adding others, modifying and tweaking those I kept. But this question pushed me even further. I totally restructured what I was teaching and became laser focused on teaching the simplest to perform, easiest to learn, most efficient techniques I could. And then I met my Krav Maga instructor.

I met with him to learn Krav Maga and had a problem. He would go "here are some Krav Maga techniques" to which I would reply, "ok but I already teach those exact same techniques. Can you show me something else?" I had evolved what I was teaching from a more traditional 'karate' style back in 2005 when I started teaching to what was essentially Krav Maga. And so with my instructor I began offering Krav Maga at my school with the hopes to change someone else's life the way mine had been so dramatically changed."

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